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Wisconsin Online Auctions - FAQ

Why should I use Wisconsin Online Auctions rather than sell the items myself?  Wisconsin Online Auctions has an excellent rapport with eBay and eBay customers.  Because of this, we have many regular shoppers and have high numbers of excellent feedback.  This allows bidders to bid on our auctions with confidence knowing we have completed thousands of successful transactions, resulting in higher sales for you.  In addition to higher ending prices, selling on eBay is a very time consuming process.  The average auction takes about one and a half hours to complete (from photographing, researching the item, cleaning the item, creating the auction and answering questions to packaging the item, shipping it out and dealing with post sale customer service).

What does Wisconsin Online Auctions charge for their services?  Wisconsin Online Auctions will receive the following commissions for each item sold:

Item Selling Price             Commission %

$100 and less                     40%

$101-$500                            30%

$501 and up                        20%

EBay fees will be taken out of the sale total prior to the commission.

When will I receive my check?  Sales are recorded two weeks after payment is received from the eBay customer.  Checks and sales summary will be mailed to the address listed in this contract the first of every month or the following business day if the first of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday.  A minimum balance of $15.00 is required for a check to be issued.


What happens if my item does not sell?  All items will be listed up to two times, after which, any unsold items will be donated to charity unless otherwise noted in the contract.  If an item is not to be donated to charity, it arrangements for pick-up must be made within 15 days of auction end.

Can I view my auctions?  Current auctions can be viewed by clicking here. 

Who pays for shipping?  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the eBay bidder based on a predetermined price outlined in the auction.  Costs associated with shipping are not included in the payment records.

Are there any eBay fees associated with listing an item for auction?  Every eBay listing is subject to  a listing fee (generally between $0.25-$2.00 depending on the item value) and a final value fee (9% of the sale total with a $100 maximum).  These fees will be taken out of the sale total prior to the commission.  Fees associated with PayPal are absorbed by Wisconsin Online Auctions.

When will you list my item for auction?  All items will be listed within 30 days of contract date.

How long does the process take?  All auctions will be listed for a period of 7 days.   If an item sells, the eBay buyer has up to three days to pay.   There is a two week “holding period” to ensure an item is not returned or exchanged.   As a result, the process can take up to 24 days to complete.

What type of items do you sell?  We sell a wide variety of items; from electronics to collectibles, new or used!  For a complete list of the most popular items on eBay, click here.

Are there any items you will not accept on consignment?  We currently do not sell automobiles on eBay motors.  Also, due to shipping limitations, furniture is not accepted.  EBay prohibits the sales of certain items and if you are uncertain as to whether an item is restricted, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  

How do you determine the value of my items?  Items are priced at the sole discretion of Wisconsin Online Auctions and are priced based off of the item condition and market trends for similar items sold on eBay.  Thorough research is done to ensure that the starting price is fair, however we make no guarantee of the sale price of an item.  If you are looking to get a certain price for your item, please let us know.